We help animal shelters

What is the best way to help animal shelters? By creating awareness! We strive for a world where animals are recognized as sentient beings. When it comes to animal welfare and protection, there are very big differences between the effectiveness of different organizations. Animal shelters are in need of help and we reach out to them to realize contact and support ongoing projects and actions.

Many reasons exist why animals need our help. Do you have a heart for animals and do you also care about an intact nature?

Transparent. Proactive. Competent.

Initial situation & Facts

  • Animal shelters rely on help from the public
  • Mainly volunteers take care of the intensive animal care


  • Limited funds for ongoing operations
  • Renovation backlog and need for repair

Solution approach

  • Establishment of image campaigns for companies from the region
  • Building long-term partnerships with sustainable benefits

Goal and result

  • Win-win situation for animal shelter and company
  • Networking into the social environment to strengthen the respective region

In the region for the region - animal shelters